Ace Cafe Fans and Grandma’s Mystery Bike

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by Seth DeDoes
John L. Stein's Yamaha YDS2 near the sea, searching for the Ace Cafe.

Name this motorcycle

This is a photo taken about 1921 of my grandmother, Amalia L. Musil (Wehking) on an unknown model and brand of motorcycle. The family story was that her brothers Rudolf and George Musil sold motorcycles for a number of years in the Hector, Minnesota, area. Anyone with any knowledge of this has long passed. I am wondering if any of Motorcycle Classics readers would have a guess of the make of the bike she is pictured on?
Dave Geier/via email

vintage photograph of a young girl with a lapel jacket, tie, and beret sitting on…

Readers, if you think you have any guesses as to a make and model of this bike, please let me know and I’ll share the responses with Dave. — Ed.

  • Updated on Aug 19, 2022
  • Originally Published on Aug 4, 2022
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