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Thank you for contacting Motorcycle Classics. If you’re seeing pop-up ads on every page of a given article on our website, it’s likely that you need to enable cookies in your Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). Cookies allow our site to recognize you and thus not show you pop-up offers when you come back to the website. There are instructions below to help you enable cookies.

After you have done so, you will only see specific pop-ups at most once a day. You may see multiple, different pop-ups throughout our site, depending on where you go. But if you have cookies enabled and you close a pop-up, you won’t see it again for at least 24 hours. For some pop-ups, you’ll never see it again (or at least you won’t until your cookies are deleted). 

Please understand that while these pop-ups may be annoying to some, they help us introduce new people to the Motorcycle Classics community every day, which helps us keep our website and newsletters free. 

Here’s how to enable cookies:

For Internet Explorer, version 6 or 7:
Select the Tools menu, then click Internet Options.
Click the Privacy tab.
Click the Default button, or manually slide the bar to the Medium setting. 
Click OK.

For Firefox version 2 or 3:
Select the Tools menu, then click Options
Select the Privacy icon.
Check the box for Accept cookies from sites.
Click OK.

For Firefox version 3.5:
Select the Tools menu, then click Options
Select the Privacy icon.
Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.
Check Accept cookies from sites.
Also check Accept third party cookies.
If you want to always allow cookies (or not allow) cookies from specific websites, click the Exceptions button.

Another option is to enable/approve cookies from the following websites: and 

If your Internet browser is not listed above, or these instructions don’t match your version of the above browsers, you can find more guidance here:  

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